Kyle’s childhood was marred by abuse, sadness, and later drugs and rebellion that ultimately could have cost him his life. But despite this, with the help of his Maker, he turned his life around. It took extreme courage and tenacity but in the end it was the warrior within who moved him from the darkness of his pain to the light of his personal resurrection. The gold bands on his arms and his cheeks signify this bold spirit, while the dripping gold on his chest symbolises the gunfire he ran from during an ordeal where his life was almost taken.

  “If nothing changes – nothing changes.” – My mom

  “The greatest mistake humans make today is they think they have time.” – Gandhi

  Kyle is a public figure and media personality who lives in Parkhurst.

  Kyle grew up in the Cape but his was not an idyllic childhood for he experienced emotional pain early

on in his young life and his mistrust of the world, and life itself, stemmed from a broken relationship

with his father.

  Growing up in abject poverty with an abusive father who also indulged in Heroin and Tuk had a huge

impact on Kyle. He, his brother and mother all suffered at the hands of his father until when Kyle was

seven, his parents divorced.

  Kyle didn’t see his dad for the next 12 years and without any positive male influences in his life, he

began to stray and became rebellious, later experimenting with MDA and Cocaine. With no money to study Kyle had to work from age 14 to help his family survive and at R7/hour he took home just R35 aday. Although he didn’t realise it at the time - this demeaning remuneration was also the start of Kyle’s drive to change his life and so began his dream of financial independence.

  From early in Kyle’s life he knew he was different to other boys his age and at age 16 he told his mother that he was gay. He could never have imagined her response adding it was the worst thing he had ever had to do. She was so negative and angry and took him to church in the hope that she could change him. With no father in his life his mom was his best friend - which made her rejection of him incredibly painful and left him deeply wounded.

  Kyle was deeply troubled and angry and he ended up job hoping – always getting into disciplinary issues with his superiors. He felt like a slave to society and as the years past he began to realise he had to change or his life was going to end in ruins.

  In time his mother came to accept Kyle’s choices and she resumed the inspirational role in his life thatshe had always played and with this reconciliation - a part of Kyle was restored.

  At 25, Kyle joined a personal development company and this move changed his life. He grew, was successful and quickly advanced within the business. Today he is debt-free and financially independent. His world view has changed and he has done plenty of introspection and self-work to help him become the success story he is today. He is in a relationship and has plans to have at least four children. Nothing can stand in the way of this man who ultimately decided he had to be a warrior and to fight for what he wanted. He also found his purpose in life and is very clear that he wants to help other people become the best version of themselves that they possibly can be.

  With his life back on track, and things going well it was a shock for Kyle when he found himself caught in the middle of a taxi shoot out. As he and his partner were chased, he had to run for his life, with bullets flying around him. As Kyle hid in some bushes - his life literally flashed before his eyes and he was forced to face his mortality.


He says this experience has made him more grateful for his

life but admits the experienced rocked him and he still feels anxious when people get too close to

him. Despite this he says he is stronger than he has ever been.

  Today Kyle is still close to his mom, she inspires him and he strives to make her proud in all that he

does. Despite his anger towards his dad - he has reconciled with him though they see very little of

each other.

  Kyle believes in the power of the mind and continues to be grateful for his many blessings and how

his life has turned around.



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