#Uprising #RareHeights

 There are dark moments that we avoid with every fibre of our being. And yet, these lead to the very moments that define the human experience. I call them the hero moments. It is the split second after the tumultuous storm has decimated life as you knew it. It is that pause when time when time stands still, and you get to make a choice. Lie down defeated and broken, or stand up one more time. I have learnt that these are the moments that build us, teach us, define us, direct us, and most importantly, connect us. When we are humbled and brought to our knees. Where we re-evaluate our purpose and our values. And where we decide to become the hero of our own story. I have had many of these moments, and I can say truthfully, I no longer want happiness. I want joy. When you turn your head into the gusting wind and blink away the blinding tears, with perspective and gratitude imbedded in your soul and learn to laugh from the depths of your spirit. When you are not afraid to fail or lose because you know its always a gift in disguise, and there is always a new chance tomorrow. This is the life I choose. And these are the lives that uprising celebrates. I wanted to honour the extraordinary hero inside the ordinary human, and so I identified 7 other ordinary South Africans who have walked difficult roads, and yet decided to write their own endings. These are stories of hope and passion and failure and resolve. Through the bravery of telling their stories I hope that more South Africans will choose two things. Firstly, I hope they choose to Rise up. No matter how hard it may seem, there is a warrior inside every person waiting to be awoken. Secondly, it is my deep desire for us to live our truth. It is time to own our perfectly imperfect lives and be completely authentic. To remove the masks of perceived success and hidden failures. Let’s share our stories and in doing so, create a culture of raw honest relatability. We all face challenges but we are stronger when we face them together. It is time to be brave. Open. Honest. True. Courageous. Fearless. United.


It is time to RISE. 



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